Basic Licenses

Pre-Installation License

It is granted in the planning phase of the company or activity, approving its location and design, certifying the environmental feasibility and establishing the basic and technical requirements for the development of the project.

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Installation License

Authorizes the installation of the company or specific activity according to the specifications contained in the approved plans, programs and projects, including environmental control measures and other necessary technical requirements.

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Operating License

Authorizes the company or activity to operate after the compliance check of  previous licenses, based on surveys, pre-operation and audit reports, monitoring data or any technical means of verification.

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Environmental Document Amendment

The company or activity may request the change of environmental document due to the following changes:

  • Name;
  • Official Denomination;
  • CNPJ;
  • Address;
  • Extension of license's expiring date.

Environmental License Exemption

It is a document that formalizes an emission permit for projects that can not be licensed by CETESB or data that are not law-applicable, such as on-site administrative and commercial activities, finished products stocking, etc.

Other Type of Licenses

Preliminary Environmental Assessment

The objective of the preliminary assessment stage is to carry out an initial diagnosis of potentially contaminated areas (PCAs), which will be possible by collecting available information on each of the identified areas in the previous step and recognizing them through field inspections.

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Waste Handling

In order to handle environmental waste, it is necessary to issue a document (CADRI) by the Municipal and State Environmental Agencies, which will approve the transportation of waste of environmental interest to storage, treatment, reprocessing, or final disposal sites.

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Intervention in Water Supply Preservation Areas and Permanent Protection Areas

When the company or activity will carry out any type of intervention in a Water Supply Preservation area or in a Permanent Preservation Area, it is obligated to obtain authorization from the environmental agency due to the intensive use of the services and goods.

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